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Walking towards a peaceful world

Walking towards a Peaceful world

To reach its full potential, humanity, and its leaders must be willing to learn from the mistakes they made in the past and hold out their hands for friendship towards each other to promote each other and prosper each other rather than trying to destroy one another.

In his book, The War of the World: History's Age of Hatred, by historian Niall Ferguson explains his optimism of an upcoming twentieth century that will be a better place to live. But with the boom-and-bust economy and decaying empires along with toxic ideas over racism destroyed all the hopes. Men become to treat each other as aliens. He identified these problems and predicted twentieth century as an age of hatred and warned  about a repetition of the n    Read more...

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Can We Define Love Today ?

Can we define love today ? How do you define “love”? Can it be defined only as a feeling between a boy and a girl or a promise that beholds two people together. Love is a feeling that exists everywhere and attaches people to each other, even to the non-living things and animals. There is no stringent definition for deciphering the meaning of love. The feeling defines the unique bond of love that exists between mom and her child. The feeling with which your pet dog pulls out blanket just to wake up in the morning gives a new definition to the relation. The bond of love that we share with our family, friends, colleagues and pets is blessing in our lives. Read more...

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How to get most out of this short life

How to get most out of this short life In the rush of life, we forgot to live in the moment. Life is all about rushing to the subway board the train and be at the office desk on time. It is about grabbing a sandwich and machine coffee for breakfast, instead of a proper breakfast at the dining table with fresh juice and oats. Half of the world population is busy sweating out at the gym rather than enjoying a walk in the lap of nature. We are busy living our lives in the same monotonous way. It is essential to understand the importance of time. We should make the most out of the time we have in our lives. Every one of us gets a day of mere 24 hours. Instead of complaining that we can’t spend enough time with our families and curbing for a day of 36 hours. We should try to make the most out of the time    Read more...

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My Sister My Best Buddy

My Sister My Best Buddy All of us born in this world come alone and depart alone. It is in the course of time that we spend here on the earth; we meet hundreds of charismatic souls that touch our lives in one or the other way.  When the child is born, he holds the finger of his mother who protected him for nine months and promises to protect him for life. When the kid starts walking, he stumbles, and his father watches him fall. The father encourages him to cry a bit, rise and walk again. A father promises to teach his child, the art of falling and rising stronger in all the walks of life. Having a sister has an added advantage for the brothers; they earn cute friends. You can fight with your sister all day long, but at the end of the day she would kiss your forehead and forgot all the fights of the day. You    Read more...

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Thank God

Life is a surprising gift from GOD Every person has a different story to reveal and each one of us is busy dealing with the miseries of life. With the rise of sun, our day begins and with the nightfall we wither. At times, the work pressure and hardships of life makes us gloomy. We curse our lives and wish to see the end soon. There are students who fail to come out with flying colours and decide to end their lives. Is it such a big thing? Is it really an end to the love our loved ones gave us? Is it a mistake that cannot be rectified with time? People who commit suicides or try to end their lives virtually are cowards. They fail at one juncture of life and take the decision that leaves behind grief for their loved ones. There is no mistake in this world that cannot be rectified. A good deed can have a power packed imp    Read more...