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Can We Define Love Today ?

May 9, 2015

Can we define love today ?

How do you define “love”? Can it be defined only as a feeling between a boy and a girl or a promise that beholds two people together. Love is a feeling that exists everywhere and attaches people to each other, even to the non-living things and animals. There is no stringent definition for deciphering the meaning of love. The feeling defines the unique bond of love that exists between mom and her child. The feeling with which your pet dog pulls out blanket just to wake up in the morning gives a new definition to the relation. The bond of love that we share with our family, friends, colleagues and pets is blessing in our lives.

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Lovers celebrate their bond of love on the Valentine’s Day every year? Have you ever given a thought that your bestie deserves a gift on that day, for staying glued to you during hard times? Some people never demand anything in return for whatever they do for us. Have your parents ever asked for a gift for taking care of you, ever since you were born till date? Have your teachers ever asked for a gift for guiding you in the walk of life? No, we should be thankful for the unconditional love they have showered onto us. Yes, it is a blessing to us from the almighty.

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God has given us the beautiful gift of life as a blessing. Life and love are two of the powerful ingredients, adding flavour to our lives. We should be thankful to the people in our lives showering us with the endless supply of love. We often feel that our parents scold us way too much. Every one of us, at some point of life has felt that our parents do not love us anymore. Sometimes, it’s the love that provokes them to scold us. They love us to such an extent that they end up being our enemy first and then the saviour from the miseries. This situation is not only applicable to our parents; it is also appropriate to our friends. A friend who fights with you in a party, as he is worried about the tonsils you would have after eating lump-sum amount of ice-cream. A friend who fights to stay at hospital, where you take care of your mom, she would be busy taking care of you both. It is very difficult to understand the feeling of love; sometimes it comes hidden in the form of fights. A quote defines it better- “People, who fight with you most, love you the most”.

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We should be thankful to god and our loved ones as we are the privileged ones to experience love as a blessing. There are some children, not so privileged who fail to receive the love at the orphanage. The street vendors who calls us “Son” is not always a pervert, he addressed to cherish the moments as he lost his child recently. The street dog who follows you each day at night, wishes to be pampered with your love. The nature back fires with the volcanic eruptions, floods, tsunami, just to grab our attention. The nature wants us to love it with all our heart. Love is a wonderful blessing with which every individual was created, even god. It is a bond which exists between people, resulting into over-pampering and sometimes over-protective. It is a blessing which should be cherished and be showered on each one, living or non-living.

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