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Good things happen when you believe

May 9, 2015

Good things always happen when you believe

Life is unpredictable. Right!!! Yes, of course, this is what every one of us believes in. Definitely, Life is unpredictable, but it is how you deal with it. It is all about how you deal with the problems and challenges coming your way. If you stay optimistic and work hard, you would succeed in defeating the miseries of life. If you stay a pessimist, you would always be heart broken and stressed, even for a minor failure happening in your life. Why do you think your parents teach you or encourage you to participate in competition at small-scale? The competitions conducted at intra-school or inter-college level encourages rather boosts the confidence of the students. These competitions are not only a source of entertainment, but these are tricks to help the students overcome their fear. Our parents prepare us in the kindergarten stage or in the early childhood stage. This activity develops a sense of confidence and leadership skills in an individual. It is very essential to believe in ourselves and moreover it is necessary to stay optimistic about everything in life.


After the attack of 26/11 in the Taj Hotel, do you think the authorities lost hope about establishing the same hotel wing as earlier? No, they didn’t lose hope even when they were hit by the worst attack in the city. They stayed positive and had the belief of bringing Taj back to normal state. It is very important to inculcate good thoughts in your mind, in order to win over the demons inside you. There are no life lessons that could bring hope in your life. The solo mantra for the success in your life is thinking positive and staying focussed in life.


Have you seen a child playing with building blocks? The child fails again and again, while building a tower. But, he remains focussed and determined about the tower, he yearns to build. He stays positive even while playing with mere building blocks. Every one of us has been through this experience in life. We didn’t lose hope when we were a child playing with building blocks. Then why we lose hope with the real building block of life, that god has kept in our path? It is not something very different, just that it is a tough version than the infant one.


If you believe in good things and ignore the bad thoughts coming into your head you would succeed in the life. There are few regions in the world that are prone to floods. People residing in these regions are well aware of the situations. But, still they do not abandon their houses just to escape the wrath of nature. They stay positive at the time of misery. They face the natural calamity, leave their water lashed houses for some day. Yet, they return back again when the situation comes under control. They begin to start building their houses to reside there again and gear up in stronger way. Even, the poor villagers can stay positive in the hardship. The people residing in cities panic when they are scolded at office and declare life miserable.


Even, when life gives you the hardest challenge accept it with a positive mind set. “When life gives you lemon, make some lemonade out of it”. Probably, a fun saying deciphered by some anonymous person, but it is actually a meaning saying. At the shore, you might be busy building a sand castle avoiding the harsh sea waves. The waves come and wash off the castle of your dreams. Don’t lose hope; rebuild the castle better than the earlier one. Believe in everything you wish to achieve and it would fall in line.


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