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How to get most out of this short life

May 9, 2015

How to get most out of this short life

In the rush of life, we forgot to live in the moment. Life is all about rushing to the subway board the train and be at the office desk on time. It is about grabbing a sandwich and machine coffee for breakfast, instead of a proper breakfast at the dining table with fresh juice and oats. Half of the world population is busy sweating out at the gym rather than enjoying a walk in the lap of nature. We are busy living our lives in the same monotonous way. It is essential to understand the importance of time. We should make the most out of the time we have in our lives. Every one of us gets a day of mere 24 hours. Instead of complaining that we can’t spend enough time with our families and curbing for a day of 36 hours. We should try to make the most out of the time that we have been granted.

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A famous Canadian writer, Robin Sharma is famous for his self-improvement books. His books are an inspiration for every individual. The books are an ultimate guide on how you can make the most out of your life. “Rise with the sun”, says the author. The moment you get up, sit back and plan your day for the 30 minutes, the first thing you should do every morning. In today’s world, people are classified as morning people and night people. Every individual should try and inculcate the habit of getting up early in the morning. Not only for work purpose but to exercise or jog to kick start the day. This habit of morning exercise would revitalize your soul and charge you up for the day ahead. Apart from exercise, reading is also very important practice. Before, drowning yourself in the pile of work assignments you should go through some news or articles. It is a habit that would help you gain knowledge about the world and would improvise your vocabulary. Well, it is also quoted by Robin Sharma that inculcating a new habit takes 30 days to acclimatize to it. It follows the same rule as your foot takes few bruises to get accustomed to the new shoes.

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We should lead our lives in such a way that it is worth writing a book. Every chapter of your life should be interesting, enthralling and inspiring. You should make a point to touch a life each day, inspire or be inspired. It is never too late to find what we want from life. There are people who retire after serving an organization and at the age of 50, they learn culinary skills as a hobby. If working for an MNC doesn’t give you peace of mind, go ahead and find what you love. If you wish to break from your schedule and hide in the Himalayas for some days, go ahead take a vacation to your dream destination. If you wish to visit a foreign land, go for it, fight with the odds and take that chance. It’s seen that people often regret the chances, they didn’t take in life. Your life should be an interesting slide show that you can present to your kids and inspire them. Take a plunge in the deep sea swim with the fishes, drop from the cliff and kiss the breeze, hop in the deadly roller-coaster and scream your lungs out, take every chance in life. Say sorry for your mistakes, but never say sorry for being yourself. In the end, never say sorry to yourself on your death bed for the wishes that went unfulfilled in your life span.

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