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My Sister My Best Buddy

May 9, 2015

My Sister My Best Buddy

All of us born in this world come alone and depart alone. It is in the course of time that we spend here on the earth; we meet hundreds of charismatic souls that touch our lives in one or the other way.  When the child is born, he holds the finger of his mother who protected him for nine months and promises to protect him for life. When the kid starts walking, he stumbles, and his father watches him fall. The father encourages him to cry a bit, rise and walk again. A father promises to teach his child, the art of falling and rising stronger in all the walks of life. Having a sister has an added advantage for the brothers; they earn cute friends. You can fight with your sister all day long, but at the end of the day she would kiss your forehead and forgot all the fights of the day. You can shout at her all day long and still at the dinner table, she would pass her big bowl of dessert to you. You grow up, cracked voice and beard; still you would be a child for your sister.  You go to college, start having drinks, and she catches you red-handed. But, she would never utter a word to mom. She trusts you, in that case, where you would quit the bad habits and learn to enjoy life in a different manner. You feel low during the placements for the job; she is the pillar of support in this dark phase. It is her trust and belief, which make you gain back the confidence inside you. You win a great offer at the interview, and you rush to call her before your mom. You get married and busy with your life; still she never stops worrying about you. You have children of your own, and she is there for you to support and preach about the tough time called Parenthood. You have her in all walks of your life, standing, caring and understanding the problems. She understood all of them – some problems that you screamed at her over the phone and some of them hidden in your eyes.

shikha 1

One such privilege I had in life- having a sister like Shikha. She stood by me in all walks of life. She cared for me as a mother, scolded me like a father, played pranks together and shared the bond of friendship in the hard times as a friend. She is the angel that God sent for my rescue in this cruel world. I just want to convey you that in this world some relations are above all.I have spent such a beautiful time with you, I still remember that when you visited India, with your family, you always showed me the true value of relations by following all the rituals, and showing me that in this world, we are only here to build up the relations by having least expectations and trying only to give, in a relation. We are here on earth for such a short time and that we are blessed with the best of people around us that having grudge or misunderstanding is such a waste of time, I am glad to have you in my life dear; I wish you a very happy birthday. You may be residing miles apart from us, yet I would like to cherish each and every sibling moment that we shared together. I know you miss home, and we miss you too on this special day. Hope you get everything that you yearn in life and conquer the Everest of your dreams. Thank you for being the greatest inspiration of my life. I cannot thank enough for whatever you did for me, just a token of my love I have penned down here. Lots of love, Shikha!!!

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