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Thank God

May 9, 2015

Life is a surprising gift from GOD

Every person has a different story to reveal and each one of us is busy dealing with the miseries of life. With the rise of sun, our day begins and with the nightfall we wither. At times, the work pressure and hardships of life makes us gloomy. We curse our lives and wish to see the end soon. There are students who fail to come out with flying colours and decide to end their lives. Is it such a big thing? Is it really an end to the love our loved ones gave us? Is it a mistake that cannot be rectified with time? People who commit suicides or try to end their lives virtually are cowards. They fail at one juncture of life and take the decision that leaves behind grief for their loved ones. There is no mistake in this world that cannot be rectified. A good deed can have a power packed impact on hundreds of wrong ones.


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What is life, have you ever given a thought on it? Life is a gift, that God has gifted us. There are different types of calamities occurring in the world such as tsunami, floods, earthquakes and other planned terrorist attacks. There are hundreds of people who have lost their lives in these accidents. The 9/11 attack is one such example. The people walking towards office that morning didn’t know that they would not return to eat the subway bagel that day.


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Life is definitely unpredictable. It is filled with challenges and thrills. It is totally your call, how you wish to spend your day. Every day you wake up safe and in good health, you should thank god for the gift of life. We should live each day as it is our last. This implies we should live our life to the fullest, enjoying each moment of it, smiling in miserable times and partying at the success encountered. We have caused enough harm to the environment and the nature has started back firing. The nature is also a gift from god to the living beings around. We should preserve our nature and environment is order to breathe fresh and stay healthy.

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There are generations residing in the world. The traditions are being passed on from one generation to another. The older population residing in the world have the zeal to live and embrace the miseries of life. The younger population has a lot to learn from the older generation. It was a belief that was preached by our grandparents that life is beautiful. We should learn to overcome the hardships coming in our way and win over with success. After the atom bomb explosion at Hiroshima-Nagasaki, the life was thrown out of track. People lost home, jobs, connectivity and the land was hit by numerous genetic diseases. If the people lost hope in life, they would never flourish again. Japan emerged as one of the most powerful nation, economically. There is no other nation that is more technologically advanced than Japan, maybe at par.

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Life is a gift that should be cherished rather than being cursed. There are few days lined with happy moments and to balance that god adds up some miseries. The hardships help us to evolve as a stronger person. The walk of life is not all about bed of roses, sometimes it’s a path filled with thorns. The fear is an obstruction in the way, fear of failing, fear of being unsuccessful. It doesn’t matter whether you win or loss every day, it is essential that you lead a fruitful life every day. It is important that you inspire someone or be inspired by someone each day.

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