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Walking towards a peaceful world

May 9, 2015

Walking towards a Peaceful world

To reach its full potential, humanity, and its leaders must be willing to learn from the mistakes they made in the past and hold out their hands for friendship towards each other to promote each other and prosper each other rather than trying to destroy one another.

In his book, The War of the World: History’s Age of Hatred, by historian Niall Ferguson explains his optimism of an upcoming twentieth century that will be a better place to live. But with the boom-and-bust economy and decaying empires along with toxic ideas over racism destroyed all the hopes. Men become to treat each other as aliens. He identified these problems and predicted twentieth century as an age of hatred and warned  about a repetition of the nineteenth century. At that time, people criticized the writer and called the book as bold while others referred it as belligerent. And like his prediction, we saw Mao, Hitler, Stalin and Pol Pot killing millions of people, even their men in the twentieth century. We saw world war second, and we also saw biggest disaster humans can inflict on one another at Hiroshima, Nagasaki.

The thirst for power and Conceit show humans destroying themselves like in Chernobyl. Billions of people lost their life in these battles. We have done every bit of damage to nature and human beings. We have destroyed nature and its species and destroyed ourselves with nuclear weapons. It’s hard to prove someone who calls last century as the darkest century ever. No one can overlook the violence of last century. The past is long gone. What happened has happened we can’t change it. Now it is time for us to act. To make sure the history will never repeat again. It’s time for the leaders to settle their difference apart and lead the world by example. As those who have the power can take actions towards empowering people and make decisions that will drive the world forward not towards backward. Today we face many issues, climate changes, gender equality problems, conflict in the Middle East and Africa including everlasting conflicts in Israel-Palestine, Syria and others, even trough terrorism, youth leaderships poverty, hunger, diseases, and racism is not there as much as we saw in last century. It’s time for us to encourage and promote open dialogues between countries and groups to empower our species. As always there is a ray of hope for a peaceful world. Towards the end of last century saw the formation of international bodies like United Nations, nations taking active steps to eliminate racism and countries extending their hands to help each other. With more and more countries renouncing war from their national policy, changes in culture, education and active efforts from people working under millions NGO’s like WWF, UNICEF, Red Cross and others all contribute towards the ray of hope.

The willingness of Eastern European countries to welcome the refugees from the Middle East, the help Nepal received when it was destroyed in the Earthquake are few of the recent events that will give us the ray of hope. Slowly we are learning the importance of each other. We have learned that we need to help and support each other in order to survive. We know the importance of treating each other with respect. We are finally moving towards our promise land. A land where everyone is equal. A land where everyone loves respects and appreciates each other. This doesn’t mean that we will never face violence again. This didn’t means that the world will be at peace till eternity. But this certainly means that we won’t necessarily face violence.

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